Win a Free Couple Pass to SwingSummit 2013

Dear Lindy Hop Moves dancers,
We are back with a new exciting competition!

Congratulations to Audun & Charlotte for winning the free pass to Swing Summit dance camp 2013 in France.

Send in your instructional video for a move that will add value for the audience and get the chance to win a Couple pass to a full week at Swing Summit 2013 in Ardeche, France. This includes hosting and food and has a combined value of 1400 euros!

This is how it works:

Between 15. October 2012 and 15. April 2013 you can pick a move from our list or your own favorite move and submit your instructional video for it. It can be one move or even a short combo move (sequence of moves that fit well together). Each month, we will select the best instructional videos and feature them on our website. At the end of April 2013, the videos that made it to our website will have the chance to win a couple pass to a full week of their choice at Swing Summit 2013 in Ardeche, France. As it includes hosting and food, this prize is worth a combined 1400 euros. Boom!

Find out more about SwingSummit here:

Why you should participate:

We are constantly working to improve the learning experience on and we noticed that we are missing videos for some fundamental moves. With this competition you can contribute to filling those gaps and help to grow Lindy Hop by spreading good instructional videos around the globe. And, of course, winning a complete week of intense training at a very special camp is also a nice incentive.

About the competition:

We created a list of moves that we would like to see taught well to add value to We selected 2 moves per month for you to focus on (you can film a video for only one of them or make two seperate videos and teach both moves). The goal is that you create an instructional video that helps the swing dance community to learn the move in a fun and easy way from home.

What we are looking for:

  • great online learning videos
  • easy to learn from
  • fun to watch
  • all levels are accepted

The process:

How to Participate

Together with a partner, record an instructional video for a move from the list below. All levels are accepted. Upload your video on youtube and send the link to [email protected].

Please note:
In case you are selected as a monthly winner you will have to send us the original video file and authorise to post it to the youtube channel and on the website. We will add a short info screen to the video, stating that this video is a finalist in the competition for a free pass to SwingSummit 2013.

Timeframe, Selection of featured videos/finalists and Determining the winner

The competition starts October 15th, 2012.  The videos for November have to be submitted by November 15th 2012 at the latest, the ones for December until December 15th, 2012 and so on. In cooperation with our generous donors of the SwingSummit camp, the team will select the best instructional videos at the end of each month. These videos will be featured on the website and automatically enter the finals of the competition. The final winner of the competition and the free pass will be determined by the LindyHopMoves community on Facebook. The finals will take place in the form of a special voting session during the first week of May 2013. The video with the most Facebook-“likes” from the viewers and dancers of the LindyHopMoves community will win the competition and with that the free pass to SwingSummit.

Specific Rules for the LHM/SwingSummit competition

  • You can send in more than 1 video. Actually, you can send more than 1 video even in the same month.
  • Each month, the LHM / SwingSummit team selects the best instructional videos that will be featured on
  • All featured videos enter the finals where the Lindyhopmoves community on facebook will decide the winner by voting with their “likes” for the best instructional video.
  • The couple pass to SwingSummit is valid for a couple consisting of one Leader and one Follower.
  • The pass to SwingSummit cannot be payed out and is not transferable. If you have already registered and paid for the event, you will be refunded.
  • About the final vote in May 2013. We will only count the likes when all the
    monthly winners videos will be posted online, to give equal standing to all the

Details about the video:

  • The video should be at least 2 minutes long but no longer than 8 minutes.
  • The video should be shot in a decent quality and the sound should be clear and understandable.
  • Please use English as your teaching language.
  • The video should include leaders footwork, followers footwork, technique points and the full move danced once with and once without counts.
  • Here is a demo video of how a entry video could look like

IMPORTANT: Please do not include music in your video as that might make it unavailable in certain countries due to copyright issues.

List of moves suggestion for each month:

Submission period Move 1 Move 2
First Month
Oct. 15th to Nov. 15th, 2012
Basic Tandem Charleston Lindy Hop double tuck turn from closed position(already got it)
Second Month
Nov. 16th to Dec. 15th, 2012
Basic Lindy Hop swingout(already got it) Lindy hop send-out from closed position(already got it)
Third Month
Dec. 16th 2012 to Jan 15th, 2013
The Jazz sequence “the Chase” Easy transition from Hand-to-hand Charleston into Tandem(already got it)
Fourth Month
Jan. 15th to Feb. 15th, 2013
Tandem Charleston variation “the windshield wiper” Lindy Hop Basket
Fifth Month
Feb. 15th to Mar. 15th, 2013

Tandem Charleston variation “first stop”

Partner Charleston variation “Sailor step”
Sixth Month
Mar. 15th to Apr. 15th, 2013
Lindy hop texas tommy with extra spin for the follow – 8-count The Stop break

If you have any questions about this competition please send them to

[email protected]

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