Wiggles Routine

Wiggles Routine

Rebecca shows a short routine she calls the Wiggles Routine.

Follow the instructions in the video.

The steps in this routine are:
1. Shorty George forward [8counts]
2. Apple Jacks backward [8counts]
3. Shorty George forward [8counts]
4. Apple Jacks backward [8counts]
5. Boogie drops L, Boogie Drops R [8counts]
6. Suzie Q to L [8counts]
7. Suzie Q to R [8counts]
8. Lock turn (double kick 1, 2; rock step 3, 4; lock on 5, turn 6, 7, 8) [8counts]
9. New Move to R [8counts]
10. New Move to L [8counts]
11. Swivels forward starting on R [8counts]
12. Scoot back 1-4, bounce 5- 8 [8counts]

The song this routine is danced to is “Wallingford Wiggles” by Glenn Crytzer

Teacher: Rebecca Brightly

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