The Green Dragon Choreography Challenge 2014


– The winners of the 2014 Green Dragon Choreography Challenge 2014 are Judith Rosenberg & Kibble White –

Dear Swing dancers of the world. and Dragon Swing have joined forces for the third time to bring you the Green Dragon Teaching and Choreography Competition. The winners of this competition will receive a full pass to the 2014 Dragon Swing festival in Krakow Poland. Winners will also receive free housing and meals for the duration of the event and take home the coveted Green Dragon Trophy (See the details of its creation!). In addition the winners will have the opportunity to teach and perform their choreography at the event as well as have their routine featured on Where it can be studied and performed anywhere in the world.

This year the Dragon Swing Lindy Hop Festival will take place November 19th to 23rd of November 2014 in Krakow, Poland.

You have until the 12th of October to send us a entry video for the competition.

How to win the competition?

Step 1 – Like us
Like our facebook page (click one of the like botton you find around this page)

Step 2 – Record an instructional Video
Record an instructional video with an original solo or partner choreography that is at least 4 phrases long(swing pharsing, 16x8counts) but no longer than 3 minutes total (either swing or blues phrasing).
Make sure that the video includes the routine danced through with music, breakdown of the routine as well as a slower run through of the routine with counts.
NOTE: the instructional video itself where the routine is taught can be up to 20min long.

Step 3 – Upload
Upload the video to your youtube account and send the link to us. Details Removed.

(Deadline to send in the video link is 12th of October 2014.)

Step 4. – Send it to us before the 12th of October 2014.


  • The routine has to be an original routine.
  • Make sure that in the description of the video you include the name and artist of the song you are using (you can also say it in the video itself.)
  • If your routine is inspired by someone or something please mention this at the beginning of the video.
  • Make sure that your video stays online at least until the Dragon Swing event otherwise your ticket will become invalid.

Step 5. – If your video wins the competition

– If you win the competition to claim your prize you will have to send a hard copy of the video to via dropbox for example. This is so that can upload it to the lindyhopmoves channel on youtube and from there post it on our website.

You must submit the application by the 12th of October 2014.

If the routine is a Solo routine performed and choregraphed by one person the prize is 1 pass + the extras but if the winning routine is a partnered routine or a solo routine performed by two people the prize is one pass for each of the two people invloved + all the extras.

The winner will be announced no later than the 20th of October 2014 on our Facebook page and contacted by email.

Take a look at the previous years winning routines for some inspiration

More information on the Dragon Swing Event here:

and their facebook page here:
Judging of this competition will be detrmined by relative placement by a panel of 5 judges::

– Katja Uckermann (Germany)
– Charlotte Skajaa (Norway)
– Tomasz Przytycki (Poland/USA)
– Peter Kepic (Slovakia) [last year winner]
– Pavlina Grombirikova (Czech Republic) [last year winner]

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