Tandem Charleston and the Chase into Tandem

Tandem Charleston and the Chase into Tandem

Ann and Manu show the basics of the Tandem Charleston, also known as Back Charleston or Shadow Charleston with a common intro for it called the Chase into Tandem.

In this move, the follower switches from doing her basic 30s Charleston starting on her right foot to starting on her left foot to match the leader’s footwork. Leaders, make sure that you are not too close to your follower in the Tandem, but not too far away from her either; also make sure that you are not holding on too tightly to your follower’s hands in the Tandem – don’t crush her hands.

Leaders: in the Chase into Tandem, make sure on count 7 and 8 that you kick away and land away from the follower before you come together for the first rock step of the actual tandem together.

Teachers: Ann Mony and Manu Smith from http://www.920special.com

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