Swingout Clinic

Swingout Clinic

Peter and Stacia go through some important points regarding the Swingout.

The Swingout is one of the most important moves in Lindy Hop and all dancers from beginner to advanced continously work on making theirs better and better.

Make sure that you spend a good amount of time working on your swingouts.

NOTE: This is a swingout that starts with a front step for the follower on count 1 and not a rock step wich is also a common way to start the swingout for the follow.

Teachers: Peter Strom and Stacia Martin

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*If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by www.SwingStep.com. One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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