Scissors kicks

Scissor kicks in swing out

Patrick and Natasha show the Scissor Kicks in the Swing Out.

The Scissor Kicks are basically just a Kick ball change leaning to each side each time you do the step.

Make sure that you practice it alone first before you try to put it in your Swing Out. After that, start off with just doing it holding the hand of your partner in open position, facing eachother. Make sure that you lean to each side on each kick so that the Follower can feel what is going on.

In the Swing out the Scissor kicks starts on count 7. The lean to the side will help the follower to feel what is going on.

If you want to do more than 2 Scissor kicks on the end of a swing out, this is the way to get out of it. Leaders lean back instead of leaning to the side when you do a Scissor kick with the Left foot (this is basically just a kick ball change). This way the follower will know that you are going out of the Scissor kicks, for example into another Swing out.

Teachers: Patrick Szmidt and Natasha Ouimet

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