Swing out variation

10-count Swing out with footwork variation at the end

Ali and Katja show a swing out variation with a triple triple triple step at the end.

First Ali and Katja from Germany demonstrate this 10-count swing out variation – with an extra triple step on the right for the leaders and on the left for the followers. The move is then explained in detail.

This is an easy intermediate Swing out variation that helps you to build a more open mindset when it comes to swing outs – they don’t always¬†have to be 8 counts.

Leaders, remember to slide on the right very clearly to make it easier to the followers to follow.

Teachers: Ali Taghavi and Katja Uckermann

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*You can find Ali and Katja’s comprehensive Charleston and Lindy Hop basic instructional videos here at their SwingStep.tv site.

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