Swing out starting with an Inside Turn

Swing out starting with an Inside Turn

Kenny and Jesse show a swingout starting with an inside turn they call the “Cutoff Swingout”.

– This is a swing out starting with an inside turn for the follower and ending from count 5 to 8 like a regular swing out. –

– FOLLOWERS be careful not to mistake this move as a 6-count underarm turn wich would have the footwork; rock-step, triple-step, triple-step. Rather this footwork will go; rock-step, triple-step, step-step, triple-step. –

– LEADERS make contact early with the followers back with your right hand so that she will not be tempted to think this is a 6-count underarm turn. –

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Kenny Nelson and Jesse Hanus
www.swingindenver.com and www.jessehanus.com

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