Swing out footwork variation

Swing out footwork variation for leader & follower

Mike and Tina show Swing out footwork variations for leaders and followers.

Leaders: do a sweep kick on count 7 with your right leg, and land with your weight down on your right leg on count 8. Then do a kick-ball-change starting with your left leg on count 1.
Followers: sweep kick with left leg on count 7, land on left leg on count 8, and kick-ball-change starting with right leg on count 1.

Leaders and followers: it’s important that you keep a good stretch connection while you both are doing the kick-ball-change on counts 1 & 2, so that you can come together smoothly into the close position of the Swing out on counts 3 & 4.

Teachers: Mike Foley and Tina Foley

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