Swing Dance Partnering

Swing Dance Partnering

Ali and Katja show how to lead and follow direction changes in Charleston rhythm.

Here Ali and Katja show how the leaders lead changes of directions in side by side position with basic Charleston footwork (also known as Groove walk footwork).

Key points for leaders:
– Make sure that you lean slightly in the direction you want to go with your follow. This way you show your follower with your body where she is supposed to go. This is called putting yourself in a leading position.
– Make sure that when you are walking you are very relaxed this way you can tense your body when you want to change direction and the contrast between your relaxed state on tensed state tells the follower that a new direction is coming up.

Key points for followers:
– Make sure that you do not lean when yours leader leans to change direction. The best way for you to feel his lean is to stay upright.
– But you should always respond to your leaders tension release by tensing up and releasing when your leader does it.

Teachers: Ali Taghavi and Katja Uckermann

*Their full instructional video can be downloaded here for free:*

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