Solo Body Movements

Solo Body Movement

Shauna shows Solo Body Movement for basic Lindy Hop and Charleston movements. This is good practice for Leaders as well as Followers.

The movements in this video are:
– A triple step back and forward basic
– 30s Charleston basic
– “Jojo” Charleston variation also known as the push-out
– Charleston 180 also known as the traveling Charleston
– Charleston 360 also sometimes known as around the world Charleston
– Charleston Lolly kick also known as skip ups
– Charleston Kick away
– Triple step hand to hand
– Solo tuck turn body movement

Take care to use your arms in opposition in most of the movements. This is a fundamental part of good solo body movement in swing dancing.

Notice: what Shauna calls a back step and a front step is also commonly known as rock steps.

Teachers: Shauna Marble and

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