Learn Lindy Hop (help us translate it)

Lindy Hop Dance Moves and Swing Steps

LindyHopMoves.com will save you hours of time on youtube looking for videos to practice to: you can start practice right away because we already found the best dance videos for you.
The website is in english but it’s very easy to use, don’t be afraid to join our Lindy Hop Courses, they are for free!

Online Free Lindy Hop courses

What is your level? Pick your level and we will guide you, for free, on a journey through the Lindy Hop world. We will help you to learn new moves according to your level to make you shine like a lindy star on the social dance floor.

We also have more pages on the website, like Lindy All Stars, with all the best routines and choreographies ever danced.

All Stars

Ready for more?

Ready for something different? We have a lot of other dance styles:

  • Blues https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/blues
  • Balboa https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/balboa
  • Collegiate Shag https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/collegiate-shag
  • Aerials https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/aerials
  • Dips & Tricks https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/dips-and-tricks

Jazz Routines  is for all of you crazy about social dance but still shy when the crowd goes wild with the Big Apple — if you still don’t know the steps and you have to take a break and watch it from the sidelines, it’s time for you to join the family and learn the Shim Shamthe Big AppleTranky Doo , the California Routine  and all the other jazz routines.

Shim Sham

Big Apple Routine

Tranky Doo Routine

The California Routine

Jazz Routines

We have also a Solo Jazz and Charleston course. For those interested in improving their overall dancing or simply just don’t have a partner to train with.

Solo Charleston & Jazz

Lindy Nerds is for real lindy nerds who love all things related to Lindy Hop. Here you will find videos that you can surprise your lindy friends with.

Lindy Nerds

The followers’ training program is dedicated to followers who want to improve their technique and put some lovely and sexy variations into their swing.


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