Mad scientist moves

Mad scientist moves

Kenny and Abeth show opposite side swing out as well as other crazy moves.

The moves in this video are:
1. Opposite side swingouts
2. Regular swingout into opposite side hammerlock. Emphasis on creating your own flowing exit with some ideas given
3. Tummy tuck turn courtesy of west coast swing land. Again, flow out of it as you create
a slingshot feel before the exit flow.
4. Crazy tandem charleston turn move. Picked this up from Todd Yannacone and Amy Johnson’s Camp Jitterbug class from the 2006 DVD.
5. Bonus Move 1: Alternative sexy tandem charleston exit
6. Bonus Move 2: Use this to get into hand to hand Charleston also.

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Kenny Nelson and Abeth Farag and

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