How to Lead Triple Steps

How to Lead Triple Steps

Ali and Katja show how to lead and follow triple steps in side by side position.

– Leaders to lead a triple step in side by side position make sure that you lean slightly in the direction you want to go as well as showing your follower with your whole body the tension release.
– Leaders you can help your follower feel the triple steps by angling your body slightly towards her and away from her depending on which leg your are starting the triple step on.
– Followers make sure that you respond to your leaders tension release with your whole body.

– A lot of times in swing dancing you will be performing figure that the leader and the follower already know. In this case however it’s up to the leader to decide how many triple steps he does at a time and for the follower to feel those changes.

Teachers: Ali Taghavi and Katja Uckermann

*Their full instructional video can be downloaded here for free:*

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