Faster swingouts

Faster swingouts

Peter and Naomi show the some key points in how to do swingouts faster.

ATTENTION: the volume is quiet low on this video so make sure you raise your volume or use stand alone speakers while watching this video. There are alot of important points mentioned here.

– Leaders and Follwers make sure that the swingout stays a linear movement and when you come together on counts 3&4 of the swingout that you are not moving around eachother but coming straight at eachother. The leader should just slighly get out of the followers way so you don’t bump into eachother.

– Practice to faster and faster music but make sure that there is no jerking or pulling from either the leaders side on the followers right hand nor the followers side pulling on the leaders left hand.

Teachers: Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama and

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