Dragon Swing 2014 routine

Dragon Swing 2014 routine

Judith and Kibble show and teach their winning Dragon Swing 2014 routine from the Green Dragon Choreography Challenge 2014.

Check out the Dragon Swing Festival in Poland here:

Instruction order:
1. Run through from the front, full tempo. (00:05 – 01:03)
2. From the front, with counts. (01:04 – 02:13)
3. From behind, with counts. (02:14 – 03:20)
4. From beind, slower run through. (03:21 – 04:32)

Teachers: Judith Rosenberg and Kibble White

The routine is danced to the song “Nagasaki” by Putney Dandridge.
Choreography: Judith Rosenberg & Kibble White

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