6 count variations

6 count variations

Peter and Liza show some 6 count variations.

The moves in this video are:
– Crosshand Inside free turn.
– Crosshand Inside turn.
– Crosshand Inside turn to sneaky position.
– 6-count to catch the hip bone.
– Tuck turn out.

Note for leaders and followers:
– As always make sure that you perform these moves as relaxed as possible. There is a tendency to become stiff or hold unnecessary tension in your body while dancing, which is detrimental to what you want to achieve.

Teachers: Peter Strom and Liza


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*If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by www.SwingStep.com. One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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