Charleston side-by-side and hand-2-hand

30s Charleston basic side-by-side, Kick-through and hand-to-hand Charleston

Ann and Manu review the 30s Charleston basic and show the Kick-through and the hand-2-hand Charleston.

Leaders, start stepping (“rock stepping”) back on your left foot and followers on your right foot.

Do a small kick back on count 7, and for the leaders step down with your right foot on count 8 so that you are ready to start with your left foot on count 1 again. Followers, for you it’s just the opposite.

A common mistake is to forget to swing the arms. Make sure that when you are stepping back on your left leg your right arm is swinging forward, and that when you are kicking forward with your left leg your right arm is swinging back — the same as you do when you walk.

Leaders rock step away from your partner when you are leading the peel away move (1min09sec in the video).

Hand to Hand

Leaders, to get into hand to hand, when you are kicking in opposition to your follower you need to kick three times on the same leg: one time forward, the other time backwards, and the last time forward again. Alternatively you could do a rock step instead of one kick backwards: it is easier to stay balanced that way.

Teachers: Manu Smith and Ann Mony

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