30s Charleston, Skip Up and Kick Through

30s Charleston, Skip up (a.k.a Kick the Dog) and Kick Through

Peter and Liz show the basic Charleston as well as the Skip Up and Kick Through.

The video starts with the basic (Groove Walk) starting with a Touch-Step. Then add the bounce & the rockstep to start the basic. Now add the kick on count “5” as well as the kick on count “7” and you have the basic 30s Charleston.

In your 30s Charleston and all your Charleston make sure that you are bouncing all the time keeping the rhythm going through your whole body.

In the Side by Side 30s Charleston basic the leader has his right arm underneath the follower’s left arm.

Make sure that you move forward on counts 3 to 7 when doing the Skip Up. Also leaders make sure that you pick up your follower’s right hand with your left hand before starting the Skip Up.

Kick Through and the Kick Through with Extra Turn.

Teachers: Peter Strom & Liz

*If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by www.SwingStep.com. One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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