Advanced Tandem Exit

Advanced Tandem Exit

Kenny and Jesse show some basic Charleston moves we should all know and love by now. But then move on to a super cool exit from Tandem, that we should all learn, like right now! But that’s not all. They also show a bad ass exit from Tandem into side by side

– Step 1. Skip to 0min14seconds of the video to see the cool exit from tandem move
– Step 2. Skip to 0min48seconds of the video to see the even cooler exit from tandem into sbs.
– Step 3. Learn the moves
– Step 4. Practice the moves with some TLC

Attention: if you don’t know the Breeze in the Knees/Crazy Legs move Kenny does on the first exit move from tandem. Check out this video

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Kenny Nelson and Jesse Hanus and

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