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Lindy Hop Moves is about dancing, having fun and learning without wasting time to find interesting videos

Lindy Hop is by far the best dance style. To be here, you are probably like us and you are really passionate about Lindy. You are probably taking classes and going to workshops, local and international. Lindy hop is addictive and a big part of your life. When you find it you can’t live without it anymore. This is why you also love to spend hours to look for lindy videos on youtube. And if you are like us, you are always trying to find interesting new moves to practice.

Need something new?
Try SwingStep TV.

We are currently working in conjunction with swingstep.tv during this time that we are asked not to leave our homes. Need some new online classes to try out, get on-board and don’t miss our new material and classes beamed straight into your living space.


Youtube is full of clips, thousands of lindy hop clips. Do you have the time to scan all of them? We realized that a lot of time is wasted to search for the right clip to watch, the right move to practice. And while it’s fun to look at any clip about lindy hop, sometimes all you want is to have one specific clip, one specific move you can study, practice and learn, to be able to use it on the social floor, impress your partner and your friends and why not, share the new move with your community.

Wouldn’t be nice to find immediately the right clip to practice? Wouldn’t be perfect to have one cool move to learn every time you want? A move that is specifically designed for you, at your level, that challenge you not too much but enough to learn something new and to shine.

If you have a partner and you want to practice regularly after classes (or if you can’t attend classes because too busy or cause there are no classes where you live) wouldn’t be nice to have a place to go where moves have been pre-selected already and all you have to do it’s just dance, and not worry about finding the right video?

Online Free Lindy Hop courses

Easy does it: pick your level and we will guide you, for free, on a journey through the Lindy Hop world. We will help you learn new moves according to your level to make you shine like a lindy star on the social dance floor

If you are lindy-addicted you can also join the Lindy All-Stars program and we will share with you all the best routines and choreographies ever danced.

Ready for more?

Ready for something different? We have a lot of other dance styles:

Jazz Routines is for all of you crazy about social dance but still shy when the crowd goes wild with the Big Apple ” if you still don’t know the steps and you have to take a break and watch it from the sidelines, it’s time for you to join the family and learn the Shim Shamthe Big AppleTranky Doo, the California Routine and all the other jazz routines.

We also have a Solo Jazz and Charleston course, for those interested in improving their overall dancing or simply just don’t have a partner to train with.

Lindy Nerds is for real lindy nerds who love all things related to Lindy Hop. Here you will find videos that you can surprise your lindy friends with.

The followers’ training program is dedicated to followers who want to improve their technique and put some lovely and sexy variations into their swing.

Stop wasting your time on YouTube, start practising now with LindyHopMoves.com

Are you tired of spending hours on youtube looking for a good video to learn some new moves but just not finding exactly what you were looking for?