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Trankie Do full routine

Daniel and Tiffany show the full Tranky Doo routine with counts.

The steps in this video are:
– Fall off the log
– Shuffles (aka Scoots)
– Fall off the log
– Shuffles
– Shoe shine (aka the Horse)
– Boogie forward (aka Boogie fronts)
– Shoe shine
– Boogie forward
– Apple jack
– Apple jack
– Rocks (aka Hallelujahs)
– Rocks forward
– Boogie back
– Shorty George
– Boogie back
– Break step
– Knee slaps
– Suzie Q
– Reverse break
– Mess around
– Fall off the log jumping backward
– Eagle slide
– Boogie drops
– Mambo steps
– Push turn (paddle turn)
– Fall off the log going backward
– Truckin’ (3x)
– Float Back
– The Josephine Baker (aka Crazy legs)
– Walk about
– Box step
– Shouts (hip forward, back & side to side )
– Knee slaps

This is the full Tranky Doo routine. After these steps are completed you start again from the beginning of the routine untill the song ends.

Teachers: Daniel Newsome and Tiffany Wine

This routine is often danced to the song “The Dipsy Doodle”

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