The Mini Dip – Minneapolis Dip

Simon and Natasya show some basic Lindy Hop moves. Slingshot with follower in front, Slingshot with the leader in front as well as the Minidip.

– Note: the minidip is not an actual dip in the classical sense. Rather an old move from back in the day wich was named the minniapolis-dip(minidip is the short form). –

In this video the dancers show some different moves. There are slingshots and at the end of the video (around 2 minutes) they also perform a Mini-Dip (aka Minnie Dip, short for Minneapolis Dip).

Teachers: Simon and Natasya

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2 Responses to The Mini Dip

  1. Natasha Moo says:

    I don’t see a dip anywhere in this video.

    • eiki says:

      The mini-dip is just a name of a move. It is not a classical dip per say. Rather it’s a spesific move that got the name the minidip.

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