Rebecca show the Swivel for followers.

For more information about the swivels check out this video: Swivels

  • Tips from Rebecca:
    – Keep the knees slightly bent at all times for your basic swivel. Don’t straighten the leg that is pushing off. Don’t straighten the other leg and reach for your next step. Yes, this will mean you need to develop your leg strength. That will come.
    – Keep the ankles soft, not locked into position. For my basic swivel, my forefoot takes the impact of the step, and my ankle flexes so that my heel nearly touches the floor.
    – Which means that you don’t want to swivel on your tippy-toes all the time. It can be a very pretty variation, though.
    – Pulse. Uber important. Imagine your legs are juicy pogo sticks. :-)
    – Use the leg muscles to push out of the ground from step to step. Don’t fall, don’t reach. Push.
    – Use the abdominal muscles to create rotation in the torso between steps.
    – Rotation begins in the mid back (where your vertebrae have the most rotational flexibility, as opposed to the low back, which has very poor rotation).
    – The hips (eg pelvis), at the bottom of the spine, get quite a lot of rotation relative to the head, at the top of the spine. The legs and feet may have slightly more rotation, provided the rest of your technique is solid.
    – Even when your feet are really wide for swivels, keep your torso somewhere in the middle. You don’t need to move your center of gravity ALL the way over each foot when you step.
    – OMG arms!! Keep ‘em steady-ish, out away from your torso rather than glued to your sides.
    – Practice lots. Increase your speed slowly so your movements don’t get sloppy.
  • Teachers: Rebecca Brightly

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    Michelle and Doug show the followers Swivels on a swingout.

    This is one common way of doing the Swivels also known as the twists. The Swivels are the most famous followers styling in Lindy Hop and there are many different styles and ways of doing them.

    Notes for Follows:
    – Make sure that you do not pull on your leaders arm while performing the swivels.
    – Make sure that you still come forwards towards your leader on counts 2 till 4.
    – Try to make sure that your upper body still faces your leaders as much as possible even though your hips are twisting.

    Teachers: Michelle Searle Doug Van Sant Swivels

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    *If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by www.SwingStep.com. One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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