California routine part 10

Patrick & Natasha show the final part of the California routine with the pancake air step.

ATTENTION: This is the Pancake air step (aerial) in the California Routine. Aerials are dangerous and can result in serious injuries. If you do not have experience with air steps you can replace it with another move.

This is the pancake aerial section of the California routine. This aerial completes the routine. You can skip the pancake aerial completely or put another 8 count move instead for example a swing out.

Teachers: Patrick Szmidt & Natasha Ouimet

Youtube Channel:

The song this routine is often danced to is “Jumpin’ at the Woodside” by Count Basie.

You are done with the California Routine. You can go back to California Routine page or go to the previous part (part 9)

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The Pancake

in Aerials, by eiki

The Pancake (advanced)

Mark and Shauna show the Pancake, an advanced aerial for lindy hoppers.

Aerials are dangerous and could result in serious injury. You should consult a doctor before beginning any physical exercise, especially aerials.

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Mark Godwin and Shauna Marble and

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LindyHopMoves Team
This is part of our Aerials course.
REMEMBER: any acrobatic movements is stresful for your body and potentially dangerous. Many dancers (even more experience dancers) injure themself while training for aerials.

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