The Mini Dip – Minneapolis Dip

Simon and Natasya show some basic Lindy Hop moves. Slingshot with follower in front, Slingshot with the leader in front as well as the Minidip.

– Note: the minidip is not an actual dip in the classical sense. Rather an old move from back in the day wich was named the minniapolis-dip(minidip is the short form). –

In this video the dancers show some different moves. There are slingshots and at the end of the video (around 2 minutes) they also perform a Mini-Dip (aka Minnie Dip, short for Minneapolis Dip).

Teachers: Simon and Natasya

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Fundamental 6-count rhythm and basic moves

Peter Strom and Stacia show the basic 6-count rhythm with a few basic moves.

The video starts with the basic 6-count but without triple steps: the “rock step, slow, slow” rhythm in side-by-side position. This rhythm is also called the “groove walk” rhythm. When you add the triple step instead of the slow you have the basic 6-count Lindy Hop rhythm.

The moves are: Tuck Turn, Inside Turn (a.k.a. Underarm Turn), Belt Slide (a.k.a. Belly Turn), Cross-hand Inside Turn (Underarm Turn with a right hand to right hand grip), Cross-hand Free Turn, Cuddle, a simple hip dip and the Mini-Dip.

The last move in this video is the classic “Mini-Dip” move: it is a break move which you do when there is a break in the music (for example on the end of a musical phrase). Make sure that you clap on count 4 and snap your fingers on count 6.

Followers make sure that you continue to travel through each movement so that you naturally go into the rock step of the next move.

Teachers: Peter Strom and Stacia Martin

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*If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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