Various vintage jazz moves

Lucy shows some various vintage jazz moves.

The moves in this video are:
– Touch steps behinde also known as Tackie Annies.
– Touch steps in front also known as Jig walks.
– Rocking also known as Halleluhjas.
– Slide steps.
– Mess around.
– Opposites.
– Heel toes.
– Skates.
– Fishtails.
– Boogie forward.
– Cool breeze in the knees.
– Boogie drop.
– Fall of the log.
– Suzy Q.
– Truckin’

Follow the instructions text in the video.

Teacher: Lucy Falkner

The song used is “Wabash Blues” by the Carling Family from Sweden.

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Jig-Walk variations and some LH moves

Daniel and Gabriella show some Lindy Hop moves.

In this video you will find the Jig-Walks along with some nice jump variations and the Scissor Kicks.

Teachers: Daniel Newsome and Gabriella Cook

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