Balboa is a swing dance started in California in the 1920s
It is mostly danced in closed position and usually danced in faster tempo music.
Balboa is usually separated in two forms: pure-bal, danced in closed position, and bal-swing, where the dancers are separated and lot of turns are performed

The basic steps of Balboa are very simple and allow for a variety of footwork variations. When you are more experienced and confident with your basics you can start learning new moves.


List of Balboa Moves

Balboa Beginner Moves

Balboa Intermediate Moves

Balboa Advanced Moves

7 Replies to “Balboa”

  1. Absolutley want to learn this dance everything to do with Balboa, Swing, love it ALL. Watched a couple doing these dances last nite at Bluebird Club in Bournemouth Fabulous. My Partner & I Ballroom/Latin/Sequence /Jive dance so need to learn this Dance. Nearest to Bournemouth onformation please Valerie.

    1. I’m an old timer but a very decemt ballrrom dance amd. I too think that Pure Balboa is the answer as a substitute for a fast single swing. Have you and your partner learned Balboa yet and how long did it take

      Jerry from Fort Lauderdale

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