Fundamental posture & footwork

Kevin and Jo explain the technique for the basic Lindy Hop footwork, posture and general positioning.

Leaders start with your left foot; followers start with your right foot.
Footwork: the triple-step, the rock-step (also known as the back step)
Posture: closed position

Teachers: Kevin St. Laurent and Emily Jo Hoffberg and

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*If you are totally new to the swing scene you can check out the Comprehensive free instructional video offered by One of them is a basic Charleston video the other is a basic Lindy Hop video.

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  1. Thomas Suenson says:

    good selections! But I didn’t hear from you since July 22nd. How come? Did I not do something i should have? Best, TSu

  2. eiki says:

    Hi Thomas, the website is new a still a work in progress. We’ll work on it asap.

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