The Dean Collins Shim Sham

Sheila Suarez de Flores and Austin Flores show a breakdown of the Dean Collins Shim Sham a famous variation of the Shim Sham Jazz Routine.


Run through

The moves in this video are:
– Shim sham step.
– Full break (with or without kick ball changes).
– Cross overs also known as pushovers.
– Tackie Annies.
– Half breaks.
– Transition step.
– Suzy Qs.
– Inverted suzy qs.
– Stomp off.
– Cross in fronts.
– Shorty George with tick tocks.
– Tabby the Cat.
– Cross behinde.
– Savoy Charleston.
– Pimp walk.

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Sheila Suarez de Flores and Austin Flores

LindyHopMoves Team
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