Help Us!

We need Help!!

We don’t really speak english that well

The website is mostly written by Eiki (icelandic) & Claudio (italian). We do our best, we have some help with spell checking but we are sure the website is full of mistakes. We would love if you could write us anytime you find one…so we can make this a better website

Do you know a better video

If you know a better video about a specific subject we are talking about, feel free to suggest it to us (
We will check your video and change it if it’s a better quality.

Would you like to be featured in Lindy Hop Moves as a teacher?

If you have a cool move you would love to share with the community or some technique tips, you can post a video on youtube and we would love to have a look at it and, if it’s good, share it with the lindyhopmoves community on our site.

Translate LindyHopMoves into your native language

Become a LHM ambassador and help us share our free courses with the lindy community in your country.
You just need to translate a very short page into your language  (it will take you less than 10 minutes) so that people in your country can find us on the Internet and then browse the website in english and practice our cool moves.


Thank you for helping, and keep on dancing!


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