Basic step of Balboa (Beginner)

Basic step of Balboa

Ali and Katja show the basic step of Balboa.

In this video you will find a detailed explination of the basic step in Balboa boath for the leader and follower.

Follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers: Ali Taghavi and Katja Uckermann

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3 Replies to “Basic step of Balboa (Beginner)”

  1. 1) Are the steps of Balboa more or less mirror image for the
    two partners as in Lindy Hop or Swing dances?

    2) What are some variations of basic steps?

    3) What are the transitions into Lindy Hop (or Swing)
    and from Lindy?

    4) What are some of the basic turns as a couple
    (rotating together) and for one partner (e.g.equivalents
    of Underarm turns, Loop, Spin?

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