Air steps

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Air steps

Kenny and Tiffany show a bunch of aerials from beginner to advanced.

The air steps in this video are:
– Tandem lift
– Tandem split kick
– Tandem split kick with leaders kick
– Frog jump
– Throwout
– Backpack
– Moons
– Judo flip
– Chuck combo
– Vegas flip
– Knickerbocker

ATTENTION: all aerials are dangerous and can result in injury.

Make sure that you have a helper also known as a spotter to stand by when you are practicing with your partner ready to support you while going through the motions.

Teachers: Kenny Nelson and Tiffiny Wine and

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LindyHopMoves Team
This is part of our Aerials course.
REMEMBER: any acrobatic movements is stresful for your body and potentially dangerous. Many dancers (even more experience dancers) injure themself while training for aerials.



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