It’s time for serious Lindy hop advanced moves. If you are here you’ve been dancing Lindy hop for a couple of years, and you are probably teaching Lindy hop in your local scene.
In this Lindy hop advanced training program, we will work on your technique to make it bullet proof, and of course we will share lots of advanced and challenging moves and variations without forgetting musicality.

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Moves for Advanced Dancers

LindyHopMoves Team
This is part of our Advanced Lindy Hop Course
You can join the learning program now and start a progressive way to learn every week a new Advanced Lindy Hop Move.



8 Responses to Advanced

  1. Terrence says:

    I don’t under stand this goddamn website. This isn’t helping my college project at all.

  2. Avril Pirsance says:

    My highschool project is due and I was wondering if you guys could help me with some stuff about Lindy Hop. That would be nice. Maybe we could meet up somewhere and talk about it. Thank you.

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