30s Charleston moves including Tandem

30s Charleston moves including Tandem

Peter and Liz show some Charleston variations including Tandem.

The moves are:
– Basic side by side 30s Charleston;
– Tuck turn with a leader spin into right-to-right hand catch to Kick Through;
– The Chase (a.k.a. “S” Turn) into Tandem Charleston;
– Basic Tandem;
– throw out exit from Tandem into right to right hand catch to Kick Through.

Breakdown of leader’s footwork for a basic 30s Charleston.

count 1. – Rock (Left foot)
count 2. – Step (Right foot)
count 3. – Kick forward (Left foot)
count 4. – Step (Left foot)
count 5. – Kick forward (Right foot)
count 6. – Collect (Right foot)
count 7. – Kick backward (Right foot)
count 8. – Step (Right foot)
[followers replace the left foot with your right and vice versa for your footwork!]

Teachers: Peter Strom and Liz

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